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How it all started

Towpro was started to fill a void in the existing lift market place: Get up a short run fast and do as many runs as possible in a short window. Will Mayo was invited by Olympian Scotty Lago to be a snowboarder in a big air tour he was doing with Sam Adams. The show was designed to be entertainment for a crowd after the ski resort closed and it involved a big jump, 12 ski and board athletes, lights, projection, pyrotechnics and snowmobiles pulling the athletes up hill.


After the first year of the tour ended they realized they didn't want to be pulled uphill by snowmobiles anymore, the timing was inconsistent, the athletes would get hit with snow and ice flung out by the track of the sled and it slowed down the overall pace of the show. At the end of the year the owner of the tour asked Will who also had a background in engineering to team up with Kyle Roy who was a friend of the crew running the show and whose dad Kevin Roy had built a similar rope tow in the past. Kyle is a master fabricator with a background in motorsports, he also provided the space and tools for the for construction of the first prototype lift. 
Kyle and Will spent the summer of 2017 tinkering and welding, wiring and turning, designing and assembling. Once they thought they had a good prototype together they brought it over to Scotty Lago's dad's hill in southern NH, which had just gotten its first snowfall of the year.  The test was a success and the boys celebrated their new found high speed way of getting up hill. The Tour of 2018 was much higher pace, with much happier athletes and every single resort the team went to that year was asking "how can we get one?". 


Fast forward to 6 years later and the two founding members of Towpro Lifts LLC are providing rope tows for resorts on 4 different continents, as well as the new revolutionary personal Backyard Rope Tow System to individuals who enjoy backyard gravity sports all over the world. Mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding, tubing, sledding and even skateboarding, the personal and portable rope tow market seems to be expanding by the minute. This buzz keeps Kyle and Will very busy and they are as excited ever to hear about your backyard projects so let them know what your planning and get yourself a custom Towpro Lift today!

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