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Certified for Safety

At Towpro Lifts LLC, our number one priority is providing safe reliable equipment.  


All Towpro Systems installed for use by the public will be held to a safety standard set by the Tramway Safety Board of the state (or province or territory) where they will be operated. If the particular state of installation does not have a Tramway Safety Board, the lift will be held to the highest standards set by a safety board in the same country. In the United States, there are 21 or more states with Tramway Safety Standards.

USA: Ansi B.77 Compliant
CAn: CSA Z98 Compliance pending
EEA: Regulation (EU) 2016/424 compliance pending​

The Safety Hardware:

Included in every Towpro Lift System there are 2 safety gates, and 2 emergency stop buttons - one for each end of the operation length. The gates can be positioned such that when triggered the rope will come to a stop within a distance no greater than the agreed standard requires. Therefore, If an occupant stays at speed with the rope and triggers the stop gate, they will not come in contact with any equipment other than the stop gate.

Additionally, the control unit will sense if torque exceeds a set limit for the drives size and it will trip an error and stop the machine before any damage occurs to the motor or the control units internal systems.  

Certified For Safety 
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