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Portable and Easily Deployed
Towpro is designed to be the most lightweight and portable surface lift on the market. Weighing in at under 400 lbs, the entire system can fit in a standard pick-up truck bed, and be deployed by a minimum of 2 people*. To set up the system from storage to a running state takes only 30 minutes**. The easy to use connections and controls allow operators to focus on safety first. 

* weight provided for TP-10 Model and includes all materials except rope and stanchions.

** set up times recorded for TP-10 Model and a 200ft service length of rope.

The skid plate on the bottom of the Drive Unit allows it to slide across the snow and other surfaces with ease
Screen Shot 2020-01-10 at 6.50.21 AM.png
The return Unit Folds up for storage / transport. Folded dimensions: 6ft x 2ft x 6inches
Ropes come on a spool that fits their length, already spliced to your specific needs, saving time and space.
Our Backyard System is the lightest and most portable rope tow system commercially available.
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