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You asked for it and now its here: The DIY Backyard 2.0. This is both the bones and the heart of our backyard 2.0 kit. This kit has the major componants for a rope tow and nothing else, no frills, no extras, just the stuff you can't buy at a local hardware store. If you are looking to build your own rope tow in your yard this is the most affordable option we offer. At just $4599 you will have the same 5 horse power, control and safety that we offer in our upgraded Backyard 2.0 model but for less than half the price.


The catch: you have to build your own frame to install it. It doesn't come with a rope however you can make your own or you can order one of ours. Lastly, you will need to figure out the anchors, straps, power cable and any other accessories you might want to make it run smoother.


In the D.I.Y. kit:


The Drive Unit, this comes assembled with the power connection that has a 6 foot cable to connect your control box, the 3 phase motor, the gearbox, and our specialty drive wheel designed specifically for driving rope. the drive unit is water tight and weather proof, comes with eight 3/8"-16 threaded holes for mounting on the gear box and four 3/8" plain holes for mounting on the motor. 


The Return Unit, this is the opposite end typically the bottom terminal. Its the same one from our BY Kit for the last 4 years its been put through the paces. Whether its mounted in a tree, or anchors to the ground with straps, its stable and strong enough to do the job. You will need a way to hold this back against the tension of the rope. We reccommend a steel cable come along between it and your anchor. If its in a tree,  three 1" ratchet straps will do. 


The Control Box, This is the exact same controls you get in the BY 2.0 standard Kit. It has controls for start, stop, emergency stop, direction and adjustable rope speed. It also has a receptacle for the plug from the Drive Unit and for an emergency stop circuit. The input power cable is sold separately (L14-30 extension chord) but you can usually find them at hardware and RV stores. 

There is a huge community of DIY backyard rope tows who share their projects on the internet, in fact some of them have bought parts from us and even inspired some of the recent changes to our system. We are here to support the DIY community, the big budget installs and all the levels in between. The BY 2.0 DIY is the best middle of the road solution we could think of to help the person with some good DIY skills but no lathe, or machine shop at their disposal. Buy yours today and you will be able to install it in as little as a few hours.  

BACKYARD 2.0 - D.I.Y. KIT 5hp

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